English Composition: What can it do for me?

Will English Composition make you more successful? It certainly can in many facets of life, today I’ll only highlight 3, however rest assured the answers to this question are nearly limitless. Through out my writing journey, I have found that, as I improve in my composition skills, more doors open up for me.

1. English Composition skills can help you stand out while applying for jobs
Whether you’re on the hunt for a blue collar job while you’re attending school, or you’ve just graduated and you’re looking for your first job in the professional field, being able to convey your want and your need for a job, is incredibly important. Cover letters and strategically arranged resumes are a must to make you stand out in the job field in which you wish to be apart of. Knowing how to utilize your strengths in written form is something many people struggle with, including this author. However there is a ton of advice out there, not only in a bookstore, but online, and bonus, if you’re a student, you can ask one of your fantastic professors some advice. After all, their resume landed them a job at the university you chose to attend, they might just have a really great piece of advice for you. Employers know what they want in an individual who may work for them. They have a perfect job candidate in mind, which is why job postings and descriptions can be so specific, but through composition and a bit of reading, you can build a cover letter that speaks directly to the hiring manager, letting them know that you took time out to think about the company’s needs, and how you fit into that mold. Composition can be the tipping point between landing that perfect, and having to continue to look for something else.

2. English Composition can help with organization
There are many ways that writing helps with organization, however I will only highlight a few. A lot of times our busy lives fluster us into disorganization, but writing lists can be a great way to not only figure out what you have to do and when it needs to be done, relieving the brain of unwanted stress is good for the mind and body alike. Many people think that composition consists of writing great prose, or writing down the next profound piece of literature, but that’s not all it is. Sometimes, just like a great essay, which properly organized and tied together neatly, organizing the life requires a much different kind of composition. One that is quick snippets of information to make the life easier, and these snippets can make a world of difference later on when you do have to write those long essays. Knowing how to organize your brain in written form can aid in the knowing how to structure things like outlines (which are just thoughts) into easy road maps for essays.

3.Communication Skills
The English language is an interesting language, oral and written communication are directly tied together, and there is no lack of the study of what language is and what it does. When we communicate with one another, we do it in a few different ways now, online platforms, through text, over the phone, or face-to-face (which includes things like face time and Skype). Yes there are other ways, but these are the most popular in 2018. Most often than not people connect with others through social media like Facebook and twitter, and because of this written communication is one of the strongest communication choices we utilize. We have changed the way we communicate because of these entities, with things like shortening ideas so they are concise enough to convey over Twitter. Learning how to be as concise as possible through written communication is not something that was always popular, but still seems to be way a huge amount of our population chooses to communicate. Composition is a great way to connect through these sites with people who are across the country or across the world, which globalizes us more and more each time we reach out with our writing.

Of course, writing is my passion, and of course, I want it to be yours too. English Composition is so amazing in its ability to get you what you want in life. Communication is vital to our society, and knowing how to be successful through writing is a necessity in life. Happy Writing.

-Aubrey Baucum

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