I’d Love to but…

I’d love to, but…

As a peer consultant I often hear some version of I’d love to, but I just don’t have the time almost every day and I get it. I too struggle to find the time for things that I say I want to do, or even really do want to do, between classes, work, and other commitments I’ve made (school related or otherwise). However, there is a lingering sense that if I did make the time I would be better at whatever matter is at hand. When it comes to writing, I know this to be true; when I find the time to have someone look over my drafts I am able to create a final draft much more advanced than the original. I want to yell this from the rooftops to everyone I meet because I often see that coming in to the Writing Center for the first time is looked at in one of two ways. It is either a chore or a sign of weakness. Neither is true and me telling you this is hardly a motivator for you to come in when you have a million and one things going on. So, I have put together this list to provide alternative ways of ending the statement I’d love to, but I don’t have the time.

I’d love to because…

1. The MSU Denver Writing Center has the time for me. We love this stuff and not even in the I love my job type of way (though that is true), but in the I love helping people with their writing and learning from their writing and growing as a writer myself type of way.

2. I have to think about my priorities. One paper might not make or break your overall collegiate success, but it could push your grade from a B to an A. Ask yourself this question: What could an improved G.P.A. do for my overall collegiate success?

3. The MSU Denver Writing Center offers a variety of appointments ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. I’ve waited in line at Starbucks for longer. I’ve waited in traffic for longer. I’ve stared into space for longer. 10 minutes is just long enough to ask a quick question and 40 minutes is just enough time to progress your writing skills.

4. The feedback is instant. That means no waiting for your professor to email you back about a burning question.

5. There are locations all over campus. Literally. You can find us all over. So the excuse you’re telling yourself about the Writing Center sounding great, but not being near the King Center is no longer valid.

6. The writing center is open Monday through Friday. Some locations are even open past 6 pm. That’s so many hours a week the Writing Center has dedicated to you and your success.

7. The MSU Denver Writing Center is not English major/minor exclusive. This means consultants help with a variety of subject matters and citation styles.

8. They can make almost any accommodation happen. Call us and ask for what you need and we will do our best to figure out a way to get you the writing help you need. And we won’t even be mad or annoyed or irritated about it. Like I said, we genuinely enjoy helping people.

9. The services are free(ish). You’ve already paid for the services through your student fees so like why not take advantage of it? It’s like not redeeming cash back rewards. You’ve already earned them, why waste them? Why settle for what you have when you could have more?

10. I have the time. I’m just letting this or that get in the way of believing that is true. I have 40 minutes (or less) one of these days. I deserve this. I can allow myself the opportunity to grow. I have the time.

How we talk to ourselves is everything. Simply changing our lines of self talk can change our lives. So I hope you do that because I mean it – you deserve to make the time for yourself whether it be coming in to the writing center or some other endeavor in life.


Happy Writing,

Devon DeSmet

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