Our primary mission is to help MSU Denver students become stronger, more confident writers by developing healthy writing processes, metacognitive awareness, and a broad repertoire of writing strategies. Additionally, we work with MSU Denver faculty, alumni, and community members who want to become stronger writers.

Our Goals

  • Welcome all MSU Denver writers at any stage in their writing process, in any discipline, composing in any genre;
  • Promote writing as a thinking tool;
  • Build students’ understanding of how they learn best;
  • Help writers develop transferable writing skills, including drafting, revising, editing, content development, and source use, through metacognitive reflection;
  • Help students understand and negotiate expectations for academic, professional, and disciplinary writing;
  • Foster understanding and acceptance of diverse identities, viewpoints, and linguistic backgrounds;
  • Support instructors in developing writing assignments that are informed by current writing theory and research;
  • Encourage, support, sponsor, and participate in writing research;
  • Practice methods and strategies informed by current theory and research; and
  • Mentor undergraduate writing advisers and interns.

We’re not here to point out mistakes or write for you. Everyone is a writer, it’s just about finding that out about ourselves.

-MSU Writing Center